Age 10-12


As dancers continue in their technical training, strength training and conditioning will be added to their barre, center, and across the floor work in this hour-long class. Dancers also continue to learn vocabulary and dance history, to inspire the mind and the body. For those who meet qualifications, Pre-Pointe work will be introduced in an additional 15 minutes of instruction.


Jazz builds on ballet technique, with fun, upbeat music! This hour-long class includes a proper warm up, isolations of the body, across the floor, and fun choreography to tie it all together! Students will be exposed to various forms of jazz, such as theatrical, Broadway, hip hop, and contemporary, while building performance quality and complex rhythms and patterns.


Combining ballet and jazz technique with music inspiring movement, lyrical allows dancers to focus on their performance and expression. This 1 hour class includes a proper warm up, across the floor progressions, and a major focus on choreography.


This class exposes students to musical theater as a whole with a focus on jazz dance technique, acting games to encourage confidence, and vocal exercises for projection. Students will work on a show piece from a famous musical for a period of 6-8 weeks. In-class performances showcase what the students have been practicing before moving on to a new show piece.


From classic tap to Broadway and everything in between, this 30 minute class concentrates on developing the intricate patterns and rhythms of tap. Students will learn tap terminology and skill through warm-up, center work, and across the floor training.


This class will introduce students to acro and tumbling skills. Skills will be taught based on each individual student's ability. Flexibility, strength, and balance will improve over the course of the class.