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About Our Studio

Arts in Motion is a creative performing arts studio where kids can express their creativity, build their confidence, and find their community. We offer dance, acrobatic arts, theatre, voice, visual arts, and multiple performance opportunities, allowing kids to find their passion and their people!

As part of our mission at Arts in Motion, we believe in creative expression, building community, and boosting confidence.


The arts are a powerful tool benefiting physical, mental, and emotional health. By providing space for kids to explore different art expressions, we allow them to see limitless possibilities for themselves.


We strive to build a welcoming and supportive environment where kids can work collaboratively towards shared goals, build relationships, and feel a sense of belonging.


Through the exploration of the arts, kids can discover and cultivate their unique voice. Our performance opportunities allow kids to take pride in their hard work as they see it all come together from rehearsal to stage.

We have 6 Core Values that we live by to help us achieve our mission.

Celebrating Progress


We believe we are all a work in progress no matter our age—we are never finished learning! We do not expect perfection, but believe in determination, consistency, and passion. 
Tendu-to stretch. We believe that, in order to keep progressing, you must continue to stretch yourself—physically and mentally.


Fostering Collaboration

In a world filled with competition, we believe in providing space for our students to come together to create. Not for a medal or trophy, but for the joy of creating something new!
Assemblé: to assemble, or join together. Learning to work together is a valuable life skill we instill in our dancers.

Building Confidence


We believe in building our students’ strength and confidence, not just in the studio, but in life.

Relevé-raised, to rise up. We believe in lifting each other up through positive reinforcement and a nurturing learning environment.

Developing Leaders

Cultivating Potential

Creating Impact

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We believe leadership begins with our teachers and continues through our students who serve as mentors for our younger students.  Together as a dance family, we engage in service projects to support our community.
En Dedans/En Dehors: Inward/Outward. We want our dancers to be inwardly strong (confident and positive self-image), and outwardly focused (seeking to leave the world a better place each and every day). 

We believe in continually striving to improve--as a studio, as dance educators, and as artists--encouraging and inspiring our young artists to never give up on themselves or their dreams.
Chassé: to chase. We believe in chasing dreams and working hard to catch them!

We believe dance can have significant influence on a child’s life—physically, mentally, and emotionally. We take our role as teacher very seriously, recognizing the impact we can have.
Entrechat-interweaving or braided. We believe dance is more than just a once a week activity, but can have significant influence on a child’s life. We also take our role as teacher very seriously, recognizing the influence we can have.


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